Wall Beds for the Family

Tossing the covers aside, one can hear the distant clanging of pots and pans. The warm, sweet scent of baked goods permeates the air. Stepping outside the bedroom, you begin a daily kitchen-march for coffee. Descending the staircase, snoring graces your ears. Two late arrivals arrived the night before. They were forced to sleep on that old couch mom kept in the basement. If only you had the space, or better yet; a murphy bed!

Murphy Beds provide extra bed space on demand by installing premium mattresses into a spring-loaded bed frame. Not only will this allow you to get your coffee in peace but provide privacy and comfort for your family. Having an extra bed in your home can be the difference between your assuming your daily routine, and tiptoeing around your own home! When you’re done with the bed, simply fold up the frame and mattress into the wall to reclaim your living space.

Murphy and wall beds provide an ideal solution for sudden overnight guests. Having the luxury to turn a spare room into a bedroom provides hosts the option to go the extra mile for their guests. This degree of hospitality allows murphy bed owners to be spontaneous when it comes to adapting to the needs of their guests.

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Even for modern times, the murphy bed has found new use amid COVID-19. In the event it may become necessary to quarantine a family member away from the rest of your household. With wall beds, you have the option to have multipurpose rooms that can turn into temporary quarantine zones. Having a separate bedroom for the quarantined family member will reduce their worry about infecting others, while the murphy bed will allow them to sleep comfortably.

This holiday season may be different from holidays in the past. But while change isn’t always comfortable, our murphy beds always are. Creative Closets offers three sizes of murphy beds; twin, double, and queen.

Creative Closets offers pull-down style wall beds that can be built into cabinets, entertainment centers, and walls. Using steel frames, each bed comes with mechanical spring-assisted handles for moving the bed in and out of the sleeping position, making it simple to transition from tucked away, to tucking into bed. No matter the age or ailment, you can easily use a murphy bed!

No doubt, one of the greatest qualities of wall beds is the ability to hide the bed away into the wall. Think about how big a queen-sized bed is, and how much can fit into that space. With our queen murphy beds, you can clear up that space to do whatever you wish!

Another wonderful feature of wall beds is the ability to complement the existing décor in the room. We offer a wide array of hardware accessories to customize the exterior cabinet to fit your aesthetic needs. Style does not need to be sacrificed for the convenience a murphy bed offers.

While this year has made many of us feel uncertain, Creative Closets free consultations will guide you through the process of designing your perfect wall bed with ease. Installing a murphy bed can make it easier on you and your family whenever you have a guest staying the night.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and schedule a consultation with one of our expert designers to discover the perfect wall-bed for your space.

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