Mudrooms during COVID-19

Did you have guests this holiday season? Did they have items that needed storing? What once was a nice to have is now quickly becoming a necessity, especially during the pandemic.

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Originally designed to store property or outdoor clothing near the building’s side entrance, mudrooms weren’t always referred to what they are today. The term “mudroom” was not coined until the mid-1950s.

Mudrooms were technically used before, but were known as “little houses”. Their revolutionary era past arose from wealthy landowners who proceeded to build more substantial colonial or plantation style dwellings. As they built larger homes, their original smaller buildings were transitioned towards storage. This was the beginning of mudroom-style use.

Once considered to be a luxury of home improvement, they have found new purpose recently. Mudrooms can serve as the airlock of the family home. During COVID-19, they have been used to quarantine outside clothing and contaminated items for cleaning and disinfection. If you have heavy coats, hats, boots, and masks; you can store them here upon entry. If you are bringing jackets, scarfs, and other articles into the home, they can track in contaminated particles.

By utilizing a mudroom, you will keep most wearables in a central location that can be easily cleaned, sterilized, and organized according to your family’s needs. Each mudroom from Creative Closets is unique as no two are made identical. Each is custom designed and built exactly to your specifications. We have a wide variety of materials and finishes to deliver a mudroom that is visually stunning while being extremely functional.

During the design, consider who will come through this room and how often they’ll need access. Will it be pet accessible? Will you entertain guests here or use it only for storage? The mudroom can set the tone for any interior design.

Creative Closets specializes in providing an unforgettable customer experience. Our expert design team works with our clients through every step and can meet remotely or in person depending on your needs.
Offering the highest quality craftsmanship with the custom painting and staining available, Creative Closets delivers elegant luxurious mudrooms and unmatched customer service. When you’re looking to create the mudroom of your dreams, look no further! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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