Crafting the Craftiest Craft Room

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When an interior designer gets into a room, they look at the surroundings. Their mission is more than just customization, it is learning about the hobbies and interests of the client. One can discover a crafter’s needs just by looking at what lies in plain view. Organization and storage are the arteries of a functional custom craft room. Crafters have exacting and specific needs. Staying organized helps to meet these needs while being efficient. If crafting supplies are finding a home on your desk or dining table, it’s time to consider new options.

Open and closed storage options like customized shelving or rolling drawers can contribute to your crafting room’s success. Open storage options like shelving, cabinets and cubbies are highly recommended for those daily-use items. For supplies used less often, think about closed storage options. Closed storage options could be an entertainment center with doors or bookcase, sealed totes, rolling drawers, or any other closable storage media. These structures help to remove clutter and add organization.

Don’t underestimate the value of baskets, decorative bowls, peg boards, and other wall mounted dispensers for everyday use. Giving a little color and style to the materials used daily will inspire and lift the moods for your crafty creator. For those fighting clutter, it is time to invest in professional desks to increase your crafting surface area. The center of a craft room is the surface which things are made on. We can help design your custom storage options around the focal points of your room to offer the highest level of efficiency and design. Creative Closets designers are experts in interior design and can help guide your organizational needs on your next crafting room or home office.

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