Spring Storage Solutions

Spring has sprung. For many American’s it’s time to start organizing your homes for the year ahead. From mobile storage solutions to permanent cabinets and home improvements, we can help guide you to your ideal storage solution. Creative Closets offers a one-stop shop for home improvement and home storage.

If you are staying at home more, some of those storage issues may be getting more apparent. We specialize in utilizing your existing space in the most efficient ways possible. A standard 8 foot wall can be an intricate cubby space of storage cabinets, locking drawers, shelves, display cabinets and even hobby supplies. A room with hundreds of square feet of living space can be freed up just by building organizational systems fixed to your walls.

But wait, there’s more!

What about the space under your bed?

Murphy beds are one solution, but you can also build out cabinets and storage. Using a shelved frame, you can turn the area under your bed into a detailed and organized storage cabinet that would have otherwise been dead space. Consider using any normal space for storage that you normally leave alone. Murphy beds are ideal for re-using the same space for different purposes. Perhaps you live in an city apartment or have a loft where space is a premium. Murphy beds fold up onto a wall allowing bed space to be used as a living area.

If you have extra space, consider converting your spare guest room, living area, or patio into storage solutions like mudrooms, entryways, or pantries. Spare rooms are the ultimate storage solution as the walls are converted into custom shelving and cabinets. Lighting, materials, and even display cases with LEDs can be installed to match your exacting tastes and storage needs for children, professionals, or arts and crafts.

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