Finding new Function – The Home Garage

Finding new Function – The Home Garage

As more of us transition to work from home on a more permanent basis, many are finding new challenges with storage and home projects. A garage is a more than a home for your vehicle, it serves as the first thing many of us see when we get home. It’s the meeting place, the workshop, and playroom all-in-one. During the winter months, garages with concrete floors become frigid. Temperatures plummet and using these spaces becomes more novelty than need.

We have a solution!

Creative Closets works with SwissTrax™ to provide our customers with some of the most durable, insulating, and stylish flooring solutions for your garage. Built with a modular design, each tile fits in its own tounge and groove which forms one larger interlocked surface. Impervious to oils and most home acids, this surface keeps you off the ground and serves as an ideal surface to store your vehicle and valuable equipment on.

When the floor gets full, use every surface you have with our signature Handiwall storage solutions. These grooved storage panels allow for a wide variety of hooks, shelving, and notches to be installed for gripping and retaining any tool or utility one could need.

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