Wall Beds for your home holidays

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Wall Beds for Your Home Holidays

Murphy and Wall Beds are the ideal space saving idea!

Getting ready for guests this holiday season? Wall beds are the perfect addition to your home allowing for an additional sleeping space on short notice.

When you don’t have a lot of extra space, it can be difficult to use a queen size mattress. You could settle down with a smaller size bed, sacrificing some of the free space in the room. The next option saves space and allows for a larger bed size. The customizable wall bed, also known as a murphy bed, come to the space savers’ rescue!

Our wall beds are spring-loaded with a sturdy steel frame. It’s equipped with a flexible mattress that bends with the bed frame. This allows the entire wall bed set to be lifted into the wall and off the ground.

Not only do these ingenious designs give your house guests a much needed sleeping space, but it also provides children with extra play space. Wall beds are safe to use and are mounted on your wall to ensure stability with absolutely zero risk of them folding while you sleep.

When you’re not sure which wall bed is right for your room or family member, consider contacting one of our expert interior designers at Creative Closets. Shown above, we’re displaying one of our newest wall bed installations with Weekend Getaway melamine. We have a wide variety of different choices and textures to choose from. Let us help you find the perfect color for your murphy bed!

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