Providing an Unmatched Closet Experience Custom Closet and Home Office Storage Solutions Customized and Painted Luxury Closets As a busy professional, you start every morning in your closet. A custom closet not only saves time, but helps you get and stay organized when you need it most. We specialize in creating custom designs to fit any space. Not only do they serve a purpose, but we manufacture durable closets that typically last as long as your home! Unlike most of our local competitors, we offer customized painting for our closet and cabinets. Allowing us to match any existing color pallet and meet the most detailed of design choices. We’re With You From the beginning of the design process, we’ll team you with one of our expert designers. We discover your exacting wants and needs to deliver the closet or home office of your dreams! Options Galore Your closet, home office, Read more
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Maximize and Organize Food Storage Customized Pantries for Your Home Many think that the pantry you have now, is the pantry you’ll have tomorrow. Still others hear the term, “pantry design,” and think of generic, wall-mounted wire shelving, or cheap plastic storage. The truth is that your pantry should reflect the unique needs of your household and have the personal touches that make it ideal for your family. After all, pantries end up storing items of all sizes, from soup cans to kitchen appliances. This explains why the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t good enough. At Creative Closets, we’re experts when it comes to custom home storage and design. We can help you get a pantry that is perfectly customized and professionally installed. Home and business owners have been partnering with Creative Closets for decades for more than food storage and custom pantries. Our clients love working with us and our work Read more
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Her Closet – White Melamine Finish His Closet Closets, Cabinets, Garages, and Freedom Celebrate this 4th of July with a new closet or custom office! The faint pops of firecrackers echo in smoky air. The smell of burning paper fills your nose as you glance children dancing with sparklers at the end of the street. As summer comes into full swing, lives begin to resume to normal. However, the effects of the last couple years have changed our working and personal lives. More focus is at home, many of us work from there now. That makes the home living space compete with home offices, storage, and is more crucial now than ever. Why not reward your discipline and hard work with a new closet, home office, or garage upgrade? Get a Quote Our latest closet creations These modern closet designs are some of the newest installations! To the right, you’ll Read more
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Finding new Function – The Home Garage As more of us transition to work from home on a more permanent basis, many are finding new challenges with storage and home projects. A garage is a more than a home for your vehicle, it serves as the first thing many of us see when we get home. It’s the meeting place, the workshop, and playroom all-in-one. During the winter months, garages with concrete floors become frigid. Temperatures plummet and using these spaces becomes more novelty than need. We have a solution! Creative Closets works with SwissTrax™ to provide our customers with some of the most durable, insulating, and stylish flooring solutions for your garage. Built with a modular design, each tile fits in its own tounge and groove which forms one larger interlocked surface. Impervious to oils and most home acids, this surface keeps you off the ground and serves as Read more
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Spring has sprung. For many American’s it’s time to start organizing your homes for the year ahead. From mobile storage solutions to permanent cabinets and home improvements, we can help guide you to your ideal storage solution. Creative Closets offers a one-stop shop for home improvement and home storage. If you are staying at home more, some of those storage issues may be getting more apparent. We specialize in utilizing your existing space in the most efficient ways possible. A standard 8 foot wall can be an intricate cubby space of storage cabinets, locking drawers, shelves, display cabinets and even hobby supplies. A room with hundreds of square feet of living space can be freed up just by building organizational systems fixed to your walls. But wait, there’s more! What about the space under your bed? Murphy beds are one solution, but you can also build out cabinets and storage. Read more
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