Did you have guests this holiday season? Did they have items that needed storing? What once was a nice to have is now quickly becoming a necessity, especially during the pandemic. Originally designed to store property or outdoor clothing near the building’s side entrance, mudrooms weren’t always referred to what they are today. The term “mudroom” was not coined until the mid-1950s. Mudrooms were technically used before, but were known as “little houses”. Their revolutionary era past arose from wealthy landowners who proceeded to build more substantial colonial or plantation style dwellings. As they built larger homes, their original smaller buildings were transitioned towards storage. This was the beginning of mudroom-style use. Once considered to be a luxury of home improvement, they have found new purpose recently. Mudrooms can serve as the airlock of the family home. During COVID-19, they have been used to quarantine outside clothing and contaminated items Read more
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Tossing the covers aside, one can hear the distant clanging of pots and pans. The warm, sweet scent of baked goods permeates the air. Stepping outside the bedroom, you begin a daily kitchen-march for coffee. Descending the staircase, snoring graces your ears. Two late arrivals arrived the night before. They were forced to sleep on that old couch mom kept in the basement. If only you had the space, or better yet; a murphy bed! Murphy Beds provide extra bed space on demand by installing premium mattresses into a spring-loaded bed frame. Not only will this allow you to get your coffee in peace but provide privacy and comfort for your family. Having an extra bed in your home can be the difference between your assuming your daily routine, and tiptoeing around your own home! When you’re done with the bed, simply fold up the frame and mattress into the Read more
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Your Closet Personality What does your closet mean about you? The Romantic The most obvious sign that you’re dealing with a Romantic personality type is the copious amounts of nostalgia hanging around. The Romantic probably doesn’t keep the most organized closet, as they’re never able to throw anything even slightly meaningful away. It’s a safe bet to assume there’s a giant box of old love letters stuck in the corner, as well as a huge stack of T-shirts the Romantic hasn’t worn since high school but just can’t seem to part with. If you’re ever helping the Romantic move or organize, make sure not to throw anything away without asking first: you can never be sure just what they’ve been saving from that date they had freshman year of college. The Idealist We all have family and friends that fit into this category, and it’s fairly easy to imagine what Read more
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How mudrooms, murphy beds, craft areas and offices help during a pandemic. You wake up and turn on the news, waiting to see a sign of hope for returning to the office. You daydream of the hours you spent at work, away from the stresses of the home. You never thought you’d miss those days but here we are. Your attention snaps back to the TV just in time for the latest update on the pandemic, and alas, the news is not what you were hoping for. It feels like groundhog’s day—six more weeks of working from home. Working from home sounds fun in theory, but in practice, our home offices are often lacking. The year 2020 has been a year full of change, and one of the biggest changes is the increasing number of people that are working from their home offices! On the bright side, you’re not alone. Read more
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Discover the complete custom closet experience with Creative Closets and More. Based in Marietta, we provide quality closet and cabinetry solutions from start to finish. We manufacturer our closets on-site which maintains our high quality and low cost. If you’re looking for a stunning custom closet that lasts, you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee our work for as long as you own your home or building. Looking for more than just closets? We design and install nearly all home improvement additions like mudrooms, entertainment centers, laundries, and home office customizations. Read more
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