Garage Space and Modular Flooring

Garage Storage and Custom Cabinet Solutions

It’s one of the first things you see when you arrive home. Your family walks through it daily. Typically cold, sterile and cracked, a customized garage was barely considered part of the house. Until now!
At Creative Closets, we specialize in building not only closets, but nearly any home improvement system imaginable. Our customized garages include organizational features such as Handiwall. Cabinets, drawers, craft areas, and work spaces are chief features of modern garage design. Get your clutter cleared, enjoy this extra space, and use your extra time not organize the garage!
Exceptional garage design begins with detailed planning, contact our expert design team today to learn more and book you’re FREE consultation!
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Garage Cabinets and Storage Ideas

A garage cabinet system and the Handiwall tool storage system offer tailored solutions for organizing tools, holiday decorations, exercise equipment, and more. While these systems are not ideal for outdoor spaces due to weather exposure, they excel in providing customized, durable storage options within your garage. Built from separate parts designed specifically for your space, these systems are installed in place with adjustable shelves and rods, and can accommodate additional drawers or doors later to enhance their functionality.

  • 100% Lifetime Warranty on all Closets (*See disclaimer for details)
  • Turnkey Garage Storage Design and Installation
  • High Quality Materials
  • Made in Georgia
  • Compatible with nearly any upgrades i.e. LEDs, Pull Knobs, Safes, etc.
  • Large Variety of Melamines, Finishes, and Add-Ons
  • Customized Expert Painting Services
Thank you so much for working with us on our garage closet project! We LOVE it and dealing with Creative Closets from start to finish was really awesome! Looking forward to many more projects with you once we figure out what’s next! Hope you and your family are all healthy! Hugs,

LouAnn D.

Alpharetta, GA