Everybody loves you!

Atlanta, GA | Realtor |

Thank you!

You are one of my favorite referrals, bc everybody loves you! They very quickly realize that I am not exaggerating when I gush on how knowledgeable you are, and how pleasant. In fact, I just saw the Barrioses at a dinner function. I have to tell you, she is besides herself! She loves her pantry, and couldn’t wait to tell me you guys were installing her closets tomorrow. She is DYING to show them to me. She was so cute! She said, “Doris, you have to come see them, but you have to wait for me to organize my stuff. That way it’ll be perfect when you see them the first time”.

She told me she is also recommending you to two additional people! How wonderful. You are so awesome. Have a great week.

Doris H.