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How mudrooms, murphy beds, craft areas and offices help during a pandemic.

You wake up and turn on the news, waiting to see a sign of hope for returning to the office. You daydream of the hours you spent at work, away from the stresses of the home. You never thought you’d miss those days but here we are. Your attention snaps back to the TV just in time for the latest update on the pandemic, and alas, the news is not what you were hoping for. It feels like groundhog’s day—six more weeks of working from home. Working from home sounds fun in theory, but in practice, our home offices are often lacking.

The year 2020 has been a year full of change, and one of the biggest changes is the increasing number of people that are working from their home offices! On the bright side, you’re not alone. Many people are struggling with the same issue. However, trying to establish an adaptable and uncluttered workspace can be an incredibly daunting task! Home offices should feel like a separate space, free of clutter, and a place where productivity thrives. With the wide array of products and organizational techniques employed by Creative Closets, you can have a clear space to get your work done.

It may be hard to find the space to set up a home office, but even small rooms or awkwardly positioned areas in the house can be optimized with the right organization. Creative Closets offers free at home or virtual consultations to help visualize and plan future home offices. When working with our team, you can choose from a large library of finishes and colors to customize your new home offices. Repurposing pre-existing rooms is one of the best methods for establishing a space for you to work from home and customizing repurposed spaces will make old places feel like they are brand new.

The Creative Closets team has been helping customers in the Southeast for over two decades! Highly-trained expert designers can help combine or create designated mud rooms, craft rooms, or home offices. Our experts have experience working with home remodelers, repurposing preexisting places within homes, and new construction. Old craft rooms can be combined with home offices to provide a place for the children of the family to work alongside their parents! A consultation with us can help you see how the right home office can grow with your children.

Home offices can be made to fit into of the most unexpected places. If you only have space in the kitchen, extra cabinets and drawers can clear up the counter space so you can have room to work. Craft rooms can be easily converted to incorporate home offices. The right organization system can clear up extra floor space to allow your family the room they need to express their creativity. Even mud rooms can be converted to make additional space for a home office! A custom closet can provide the space for coats and shoes to be left at the door!

Our company can help you reclaim spaces in your home that once stressed you out to even look at. Picking the right accessories and organizational systems within home offices can make the room go from stressful, to stress free. Renovating your home can be a daunting task, but Custom Closets takes great care to protect your home during the installation process.

Sometimes the preexisting storage we have within our homes can be cumbersome, but with the help of our luxury turn-key experience, we can remove the inconveniences with new storage solutions. With an at-home consultation, Custom Closets can show you how the transformed space could make your day-to-day life easier. Easy-to-reach shelves and drawers allow for a streamlined process when working from home.

Instead of worrying about not having enough space to dedicate to the needs of you and your family, allow us to help you minimize your worries, and maximize the space and functionality of your future home offices. We want to help you design a comfortable and ergonomic space!

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